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Hero Street Monument Committee
PO Box 124
Silvis, IL. 61282-0124

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Purpose & Mission

Just as the sunken ship USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, the Iwo Jima, the Vietnam War Memorials in Washington, DC and other memorials have their place of honor in American history, the Hero Street Monument also serves as as tribute to all American veterans who have served proudly in the Military Forces of the United States of America.

The Hero Street Monument is just as meaningful as any memorials to all young men and women who answered the call to defend their country, shed their blood and pay the supreme sacrifice so that we may enjoy the rights and freedoms that our country holds so dear.

To honor the sacrifice of the eight heroes, Joseph Gomez, Peter Masias, Johnny Muños, Tony Pompa, Frank Sandoval, Joe Sandoval, William Sandoval, and Claro Soliz, a committee was formed to raise funds to memorialize these brave men and pay homage to all who proudly served our country. Our goal which was achieved by building a monument in Hero Street Park depicts the freedom that our Armed Forces defended. Their children were taught that this street and country, with all its opportunities, were worth defending. The Hero Street Monument reflects the patriotic pride of Silvis, our surrounding communities, our State of Illinois and our nation.

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